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14" Ficus Audrey Standard

14" Ficus Audrey Standard

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The Ficus Benghalensis, commonly known as 'Audrey,' is a beautiful tree that adds the perfect touch of greenery to your space. It has slowly taken the place of its relative, the 'Fiddle Leaf Fig,' in the world of design due to its softer appearance and easier maintenance.

The Ficus Audrey has smooth, light-colored bark and medium-sized rounded leaves with a velvet finish. The new leaves are as fuzzy and soft as bunny ears, slightly becoming tougher as they mature. These trees come in an array of sizes and variations, such as the standard tree, bush, or column form. They can grow as large as 10 ft tall indoors and 98 ft outdoors, and is one of the largest trees in terms of canopy coverage. Unfortunately, the Audrey, like all other Ficus, is toxic to both humans and animals if consumed. It has a milky sap that contains latex, so make sure to wear gloves when pruning, or immediately cleanse the skin if contact is made to prevent irritation.

Fun fact: The Ficus Audrey is native to India and is their national tree. Legend has it that Buddha was under the canopy of an Audrey when he received enlightenment.

Each plant varies in size and shape depending on the season, so measurements will vary.

14" nursery pot
60" - 80" tall
30" - 40" wide

Care Instructions

Lighting: Place in bright, indirect light. Not tolerant to lower lighting conditions.
Watering: Water every one to two weeks or when the soil is completely dry.
Misting: Enjoys regular misting to maintain optimal humidity.

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Beginner level care

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